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In 1999, The Cyan Winery was founded in Valdeinjas, nestled in the far western end of the Toro Denominación de Origen, a mere 12km from the Zamora province in Toro. Situated in a region that lays claim to a longstanding winemaking tradition, Cyan is a winery that looks out to impressive views in every direction.

The Tinta de Toro variety, and the traditional production methods employed to create it, render these wines apt for ageing. The winery is equipped with modern facilities and furnished with all the machinery required to fulfil its primary goal of producing the highest quality wines. The Cyan Winery sets, meets and exceeds the standards for organic winemaking.

The wines currently available on the market from Cyan Winery include: Cyan Roble, Cyan de Matarromera Crianza, Cyan de Matarromera Prestigio, Cyan Pago de la Calera.

Cyan Winery


One of the most recent branches to join Matarromera, The Cyan Winery is the company’s latest development along the Spanish Duero; their final crown jewel. This winery is nestled in the far western end of the Toro Denominación de Origen in Valdefinjas. The Tinta de Toro variety is endowed with a distinct elegance, acquired through its cultivation in unparalleled fields of sandy land and limestone walls, in a winery surrounded by impressive views of an area known for its longstanding winemaking tradition. The site features modern facilities and all the machinery required to produce the finest wines. Built upon the established excellence of Matarromera Group, The Cyan Winery is a trendsetter and trailblazer in the production of elegant and memorable wines from this Denominación de Origen.

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