The Matarromera

Carlos Moro Foundation

Since 1988, Bodega Matarromera has collaborated via its president with institutions, companies and groups with the aim of providing support measures of all kinds that allow it to carry out projects and meet with social order expectations. Matarromera’s Carlos Moro Foundation represents the next level of that commitment to people and their environment.

Matarromera’s Carlos Moro Foundation was created to promote, perform or manage various activities and programmes related to the personal, social, human and cultural development.
Its goals include:
  • Supporting and aiding the most disadvantaged groups in society.
  • Supporting and caring for nature and the land in the Río Duero area. Promoting principles of sustainability and awareness of the environment.
  • Promotion and development of research projects to improve nutrition, health, environment, education and welfare.
  • Cooperating with (and supporting) Spanish and international organisations that work for the good of humanity.
  • Cooperating with (and supporting) other foundations or organisations whose aims coincide with those of the Matarromera Carlos Moro Foundation.