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What makes us leaders in sustainability

  • Matarromera Group is a company committed to sustainability, which in 2007 was selected as the Most Environmentally-Friendly SME in Spain by IESE [Institute of Higher Business Studies].
  • The company’s sustainability policy is outlined in the “A Sustainable Matarromera for Planet Earth” programme, which features a series of measures such as cutting energy dependence and lowering emissions, organic production and I+D environmental projects (Cenit Demeter and Life Haprowine).  Owing to this environmental strategy, in 2012 Matarromera Group was awarded the European Environmental Prize by the Entorno Foundation.
  • Thanks to the use of renewable energy sources (biomass, photovoltaic and solar thermal energy), the company’s headquarters, the Emina Winery-Museum, is the first ever comprehensive centre for sustainable development in the wine sector.  The practice of energy conservation carried out by the company saves the emission of 400 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • Every Matarromera winery is a sustainable building and designed to harness natural lighting, feature optimum insulation and effectively utilise both rainwater and wastewater.
  • Matarromera Group was the first Spanish company to receive certification from AENOR for their carbon footprint calculation, that is, the impact that the production of three of their wines – Emina Verdejo, Emina Crianza and Matarromera Crianza – has on the environment.
  • As a member of the Wine Technological Platform, Matarromera Winery assists the group in the development of their Strategic Agenda, whilst also guiding them in the areas of Environmental Technology and Health, Safety & Consumption.
  • The company also plays an active role in the Wineries for Climate Protection committee, fighting for environmental protection to be a key consideration in policy-making within the national wine sector.
  • I+D is another of Matarromera Group’s key ventures, in which the company invests 20% of its annual turnover. The company President, Carlos Moro, was awarded the 2016 National Prize for Innovation by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.
  • Owing to the success of its business model, Matarromera Group actively engages with its surroundings in the scope of both environmental and social developments by working towards sustainability, caring for the planet, and fighting against climate change, whilst also developing natural, healthy and organic products.

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