In 1988, having taken successful steps into other lines of business, but with his mind always focused on vineyards and wine-making, the bodega owner returned to his native turf and created the Bodega Matarromera, which went on to enjoy unprecedented success, in the village of Valbuena de Duero.
The Matarromera Group looks to the future with optimism and confidence. The very hard work that has been done to date represents only the beginning of a business, of a philosophy that faces the future full of hope.
The growth the company experienced in the first decade of the 21st century has proved to be the ideal seed for a structure whose strength lies in extensive product diversification and the loving care that goes into the preparation of each and every one of our products.
Our objective for the next few years is to maintain and redouble the efforts that have been undertaken with regard to wine production, bodegas, wines, research, wine-tasting tourism and innovation.

The future of Matarromera will continue to be marked by its focus on making high-end wine, oil, spirits and non-alcoholic wines that maintain the standards of excellence, distinction and elegance that have defined Matarromera since its beginnings in 1988.

Whatever your taste in wineries – whether historical, traditional, high-tech, integrated with nature or transformed into museums – Matarromera offers multiple possibilities spread across five highly prestigious Spanish Denominación De Origen areas, situated in Castile-León and Rioja.

But as well as vineyards, grapes, wine and wineries, the Matarromera Group displays a clear focus on the land, wine-tasting tourism, extra-virgin olive oil, research, development and innovation, and commitment to the environment…

The growth of the company is undoubtedly attributable to its consolidation in foreign markets, where Matarromera has already become a leading player in the wine sector, with the presence of all the wineries, brands and products that now form the structure of the company.

The Matarromera Group has mapped out its medium-term future plans, and intends to achieve a significant take-off of its entrepreneurial dimension in the coming years. Today it is one of the most important wine-making groups in Spain and internationally, and its goal, upon finishing the expansion plan established by its senior management, is to become one of the benchmark food companies, supported by a policy of product diversification, promotion of internationalisation in new markets and reaching out to new consumers.

A focus for the future.