Alcohol-free wine

WIN represents the evolution of a refreshing wine-based drink patented by the Matarromera Group. The desire to improve its products led the Group to conduct further research along the same lines, seeking ways to create a wine containing 0.0% alcohol and sugar.

This product has been created in response to the growing demand from people who are inclined towards responsible consumption and are committed to taking care of their health and their diets.

This new generation of non-alcoholic wines is known as WIN and they maintain all the beneficial health properties of the original wines, containing polyphenols, anthocyanins and antioxidants, with a minimum level of food preservatives, at levels within those stipulated by current legislation.

Matarromera, looking to explore the opportunities offered by the international market for non-alcoholic wine, has built the largest molecular deconstruction plant in Europe.

Wine without alcohol (or with a low alcohol content), whether white, pink, young red, barrel-aged red or even sparkling. It exists, it is made, it is consumed and sold, and Sin Alcohol S.L. has been marketing it since 2008, after years of research via different R&D&I projects in collaboration with various organisations and public administrations.

A product totally new to both the Spanish and international markets, derived from the very best grapes from the Duero area using a ‘Spinning Cone Column’ deconstruction process that works by separating out alcohol, flavours and other components and then recombining them afterwards, after eliminating the alcohol.

A drink that maintains organoleptic properties very similar to those of alcoholic wine, whilst preserving almost all the aromas, colours and flavours of traditional wine. There is growing demand for such products, both in Spain and in other countries, reflecting an inclination towards responsible consumption and a commitment to health and diet care.