Corporate social responsability

MATARROMERA GROUP is a company dedicated to the cultivation and production of wines, liquors, organic wines, olive oil, alcohol-free wines, ingredients derived from wine and a wide range of functional cosmetics.

The company is built upon three principal pillars: the development of the most natural, healthy and organic products; protection of the environment and the economic, social and cultural growth of our staff and surroundings alike.

Key commitments of MATARROMERA GROUP

Commitment to control systems

The work ethic of Matarromera Group is centred around using quality control systems, implementing environmental practices, preventing occupational hazards and promoting innovation.

Commitment to quality assurance

This commitment was conceived within a framework based on principles of transparency, loyalty and good practice, whilst also deriving from the effective management of profits for reinvesting in and strengthening the company.

Commitment to group members

The company is fully committed to providing equality of opportunity and professional career progression for all its employees, alongside offering further training, a safe working environment and a means of reconciling work and family life, among many other incentives.

Commitment to good governance

Humility, honesty, integration, transparency and accuracy are the key values that MATARROMERA GROUP as an organisation seeks to uphold with its stakeholders, be they clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders or other interested parties.

Commitment to the environment and natural surroundings

Matarromera’s sustainability strategy is outlined in the “A Sustainable Matarromera for Planet Earth” programme, which includes using renewable energy sources and developing ecoefficient wineries, among many further measures.

Commitment to innovation

Food traceability, alcohol-free wines, the extraction of polyphenols, functional cosmetics, organic molecules and their implementation are but a few examples of the ventures undertaken by the company with regard to innovation.

Commitment to culture

Since its very inception, the group has been dedicated to supporting various cultural enterprises, which can be seen through our backing of cultural and artistic projects and participation in various events.

Commitment to NGOs and other collectives

Borne out of sensitivity to the needs of the institutions, organisations and collectives in its milieu, the Carlos Moro of Matarromera Foundation was founded, with the aim of working towards the common good and enhancing social welfare.