The Matarromera Group doesn’t just make excellent wine. Olive oil is another product that we have brought to the market under the exclusive OliDuero brand, showing a commitment to a new trend that is boosting the potential, the quality and the image of the Matarromera Group.

Matarromera has planted more than 100 hectares of olive groves in the Rueda and Cigales areas (in the province of Valladolid), and Valdefinjas (in Toro, Zamora), an area notable for the Picual and Arbequina varieties, and where one can also find others such as Hojiblanca, Manzanilla, Arbosana or Koroneiki.

Due to its low acidity, its mechanical cold-extraction process, and the unique traits of the area where the olives are planted (such as humidity and cold areas of low yield and high quality), Emina olive oil is positioned as an exclusive, highly specialised product.

OliDuero is an innovative project that has come about as a result of years of research evaluating the adaptation of Olea europaea L. olive cultivation to the climatic and soil conditions in Castile-Leon. This research, conducted by Matarromera, has allowed the planting of olive trees in various vineyards throughout Castile-Leon, within the framework of organic farming, making use of a crop that provides an alternative to the traditional regional crops (cereals, grapes, beets …).

With the collected olives, belonging to the Picual, Arbequina and Arbosana varieties, we are able to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil with exceptional organoleptic and nutritional qualities.

This project was co-financed by the local government of Castile-Leon and FEADER. The items marketed by Oliduero are: Oliduero Prestigio, Oliduero Ecológico, Oliduero Secret Blend and Oliduero Cosecha Temprana.

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