Organic wines

Matarromera has launched the Granza brand onto the market, 116,000 bottles of organic wines under three names: Granza Eco Verdejo, Granza Eco Roble Ribera del Duero and Granza Eco Roble Toro.

The Cyan wineries in the Toro Denominación de Origen, Renacimiento in Ribera del Duero and Emina Rueda, registered with the Organic Farming Scheme, along with more than 50 hectares of organic vineyards belonging to these three regions, allow the production of this type of wine which responds to new market demands, to a type of consumer more aware of environmental concerns and wine sustainability.

Organic wines such as Granza can be characterised as (and are notable for being) a more natural type of wine that shows greater respect for the scents of each grape variety and the authentic local flavours. The work that is done (at both the vineyard and the winery) to produce these products complies with organic production methods that limit the use of plant protection products, systemic preventive products or synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, using only natural products that can be considered environmentally-friendly. It requires a more artisanal type of work, and more man-hours spent working in the fields.

The name Granza (meaning “chaff” in Spanish) was chosen in honour of the traditional crops of the area, and refers to unhusked residues (such as grain, long and thick straw, spike, etc…) that remain when wheat and other grains such as barley are sifted and thrown away.

Since its inception, the Matarromera Group has focused on a commitment to the land and sustainability, achieving this through its eco-efficient facilities, the use of clean and renewable energy, research via projects to improve wine-related activities and to continually offer the end-consumer products which are healthier, more natural and more environmentally friendly. This new line of organic wines allows Matarromera access to new market niches, mainly abroad, where the company is already receiving numerous proposals to consider the incorporation of various Granza products in their respective countries.