Vinesenti - 4 years of joint research

VINESENTI was created, after more than 4 years of joint research, thanks to the innovative partnership between two prestigious innovators from the world of wine and gastronomy, Carlos Moro and Mario Sandoval. Two men who grew up among vineyards and hearths, whose ancestors left them a legacy that has grown alongside them since childhood. Two entrepreneurs who have made their passion their work, for which they have received numerous awards. A commitment to innovation in both sectors, and to taking advantage of excellent raw materials, has led them to collaborate using grapes as a base and to discover new formulas that may mark a before-and-after moment in haute cuisine.

It is an ingredient that imbues foodstuffs and dishes with distinctive organoleptic aspects and a high dose of natural antioxidants. VINESENTI is a polyphenolic extract taken from the skins of grapes that have been pressed to make wine, obtained by a unique extraction system that has been manufactured, marketed and internationally patented by Matarromera via its ABROBIOTEC technology-based company. This product has been created thanks to the richness of the grapes grown in the best vineyards in the “Golden Mile” of Ribera del Duero, Toro and Rueda, three Appellations with a strong winemaking tradition, as well as the high quality of the indigenous grape varieties spread throughout Spain: Tempranillo, Tinta de Toro and Verdejo.