On 13th February, the Board of the APD in Castile and León appointed Carlos Moro González, founder and president of Bodegas Familiares Matarromera, as the new president of the Association. He succeeds José Ignacio Nicolás Correa, who occupied the position in the first four years following the establishment of the association in Castile and León. The new president emphasised key objectives such as: “continuing with the important work that the Association is undertaking in our region by bringing basic business management concepts such as digital transformation, worker relations, competitiveness and social and environmental obligations closer to managers and entrepreneurs in order to promote the cooperation, business development and growth that this outstanding Autonomous Community and its workers and residents deserve.”


The Association for Management Progress (Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección or APD in Spanish) was founded in Castile and León in April 2014 and over the last four years it has become an important forum for debating current economic, business and management topics in the region. The Association includes over 160 associated businesses in the Autonomous Community of Castile and León and has undertaken almost 50 activities over the last four years. The majority of the activities have taken place in the Burgos-Valladolid axis, as these are the two provinces with the strongest presence in terms of associated companies. With the new president’s expansion plan, the association will now incorporate activities in other cities such as León and Salamanca into its schedule, while continuing with all of its work in the provinces where it is already active.


Carlos Moro is the founder and president of Bodegas Familiares Matarromera, one of the most successful and highly-renowned wine companies on the Spanish winemaking scene. Through its wineries, the company maintains a presence in Spain’s most outstanding Denominations of Origin. In addition to the wine industry, the company has made inroads into other innovative sectors relating to grapes and the land, such as grape-based cosmetic products, non-alcoholic wine, extra-virgin olive oils and grape extracts for use in food.


The agricultural engineer holds a doctorate in Winemaking and Oenology and is, above all, a great lover of Spanish wines and vines and a supporter of innovation in business and of the overall development of the region of Castile and León.


In 2017 he was given a National Award for Innovation in recognition of the extensive innovative journey that he has made in less than thirty years, beginning with a small-scale rural business which grew to employ 185 people. In 2015 he received the Gold Medal for Services to Tourism in Sustainability and Quality and in 2012 he received the European Environmental Award.


Carlos Moro is a member of the University of Valladolid’s Ethics Committee and of the Social Council of that same organisation. He is part of the Gastronomy Academy of Valladolid and of Castile and León, a member of the Board of Directors of the Valladolid Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a member of the Spanish-German Chamber. He is also vicepresident of the Wine Technology Platform and of the Riojan Foundation for Innovation, in addition to being a member of the Princess of Girona Foundation Trust.


About APD. The Association for Progress in Management (APD), created in 1956, is a privately-owned, independent non-profit organisation acting on an international scale. With over 3,600 associated companies in 6 countries, and a presence throughout the whole of Spain, its aim is to become the most influential global community of managers, with the greatest level of impact in generating knowledge and networking for the development of Valladolid and of wider society.