PRIMER DIANA (2010-2014)

Developing ingredients derived from natural antioxidants and studying their behaviour in various food matrices (04/10/VA/0006). ADE-Regional government of Castilla y León

Basic Information

Project duration: 4 years (2010-2014)
Total budget: €3.8m
This project sees the participation of six agri-food companies (Bodega Matarromera, Productos Solubles, Emilio Esteban, Hispanagar, Dibaq-Diproteg and Abrobiotec), along with five external partners (Cartif, Cetece and the Universities of Burgos, León and Salamanca) The Investment and Services Agency (ADE) of Castilla y León and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) have subsidized 51% of the total budget (€1.94m).
Company participation/investment: Project led by MATARROMERA WINERY LTD. with an investment of over €1.2m.
Boosting Regional Strategic Industries Project (PRIMER).


There is a current trend on the market for new, nutritionally enhanced food products and a demand for businesses to implement technological improvements with regard to said foods. We are also witnessing a notable revaluation of the waste produced by agri-food industries.


To develop new food ingredients based on natural antioxidants for the subsequent study of their behaviour in various food matrices.
To develop healthy new products and natural antioxidant formulas within various food matrices.


These formulas were developed through the design and testing of new biotechnological processes for the extraction of compounds with beneficial health properties, derived from naturally occurring antioxidants found in plant matrices and waste produced by agri-food industries; that is, various agri-food products or by-products derived from grapes, grains, coffee or algae.
From this starting point, the structures of ingredients based on such antioxidants were studied for their potential future use in various food matrices (meats, dairy products, animal feeds, pasta-based products, coffee, grains, drinks and beverages).
The study also looked at how to avoid the effects of oxidation on food products and how to improve their microbiological stability, sensory properties and nutritional, as well as functional, effects.


The biotechnology and agri-food industries have teamed up to create synergy within this project, which has allowed the participating companies to diversify their products through enriching various food matrices with naturally sourced extracts.