Traditional wines

Matarromera’s focus on quality wines arises from the vineyard itself. Thanks to the work begun by the ancestors of Carlos Moro, loving care of the vineyard has been a constant across each and every one of the wines that the company manufactures and markets.

Matarromera is today amongst the winemaking companies with the largest area of vineyards in Castile-Leon. In Ribera del Duero, noteworthy sites include the Las Solanas Vineyard, Valdebaniego and El Horno, amongst other farms, where grapes of unrivalled quality can be sourced for the manufacture of premium wines.

Also noteworthy is the pre-phylloxera Costanas Vineyard in Cigales, or the Calera Vineyard in the Toro Denominación de Origen. The Burgundian vineyard at Villalba de Adaja in turn represents the clearest example of commitment to the vineyard in the Rueda Denominación de Origen, with over 180 hectares dedicated to growing the Verdejo grape, as well as the Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer varieties.

Despite its diversification, the Matarromera Group has never lost sight of its primary objective: manufacturing the very best wine. From the very youngest wines to the finest Special Reserves, the work carried out in any one of its wineries will be aimed at producing wines of the highest quality.

To that end, at Matarromera we draw on our extensive experience to take care of certain aspects that are very important and must always be factored into our work as a wine manufacturer. The grapes, as the main raw material, undergo strict quality-control checks that do not interfere with their maturation and natural enervation but always keep them in mind, thereby helping to develop the potential of our product. This check reduces risks and ensures, thanks to the best winemakers, the necessary balance of all the components that the very best wine needs to have.

Marketing coherence is also a key pillar of Matarromera. “Quality over quantity” is synonymous with success, but the quantities that we do produce should never fall short of our goal of excellence and distinction; in other words, their quality must not be impaired. And of course, the end consumer must be kept in mind at all times. To that end, projects are being undertaken that are focused solely on the key player in our business. All of these values revolve around the same axis at all times: wine.