Acuerdo Matarromera y UVA

The dean of the University of Valladolid, Antonio Largo Cabrerizo, and the president of Bodegas Familiares Matarromera, Carlos Moro, signed an agreement this morning at the Palacio de Santa Cruz to collaborate in a project coordinated by the UVa professor Rocío Aller. The research is aimed at comparing the Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil and nuts versus the hypo-fat diet in patients with fatty liver disease (FLD).

The study will be carried out as part of the work developed by the Endocrinology and Nutrition Research Centre (CIENC), dependent on the University of Valladolid and directed by Professor Daniel de Luis, the dean’s delegate for Health Sciences, and also strengthens the collaboration between UVa and Matarromera, a company characterised by its R&D in different food sectors, such as wine, oil, grape extracts, and non-alcoholic wine.

Specifically, the project will analyse the effects of extra virgin olive oil produced by Bodegas Matarromera in its oil mill (Oliduero) on metabolism and liver damage in patients with fatty liver.