Matarromera Group launches its new website which, on top of offering corporative information about the company, as well as its products and facilities (including its wineries, oil mil, wines, alcohol-free wines, extra virgin olive oils, polyphenol extracts and cosmetics, to name but a handful), features the exciting and novel opportunity to take a virtual tour of Matarromera’s various sites and spaces, allowing wine-lovers and web-users all over the world to enjoy a comprehensive virtual experience without having to leave their home.


The new site forms part of an ambitious creative project which plays out on each and every webpage and seeks to integrate all of the company’s digital platforms to create a single synergic collaboration. This way, Matarromera’s various sites come together in one place to provide information about their wineries, restaurant, hotel, video channel, blog, online store and much more.


The virtual tours will take the form of 360° panoramic views which are made possible thanks to the technology behind Google Business Street View and allows those interested in the wineries and planning a trip in person to view Matarromera’s facilities inside and out prior to coming to visit the real deal. The main appeal of this tool lies in its capacity to open up the wineries and facilities of Matarromera Group to any crook, cranny or corner of the world, so the company can come to you.


A new type of window; a new way of seeing


The wine-making company has dedicated the last four months to creating this website, which was borne out of the company’s desire to offer users a more visual and intuitive space, in which photography and audio-visual content dominate. The site will be available in two languages, Spanish and English, and will be full to the brim with content of intrigue and interest for users, which sets out to relay the essence of Matarromera Group, its values and commitments, the wineries, products and experiences on offer, as well as the latest news and novel happenings from the world of wine, which will be posted on the company’s blog at The new site offers dynamic content which is constantly being updated, keeping you in the know about news, awards, ratings and much more. A service that particularly sets the site apart is its video channel with over 300 videos and video-tastings through which users can, thanks to the team’s wine-makers and experts, learn more about a specific wine, product, winery, facility or particular brand. seeks to enhance and improve every user’s experience by incorporating an adaptive design system with Responsive Web Design technology, which adjusts to the dimensions of the device you are using, whether a PC, tablet or smartphone, to optimize your viewing experience and facilitate faster and more user-friendly navigation. The greater accessibility of this design allows for information to be viewed in the most convenient format for as many people as possible, to eliminate and override any restrictive factors, be these physical or sensory disabilities, or limited user knowledge or experience.


What’s more, the site also features incorporated security and positioning tools which increase the volume and quality of traffic on the site, which makes for an enhanced user experience by facilitating greater access to information from search engines and social media sites.


Users will also be able to learn first-hand about the wine-tourism experiences offered by Matarromera, which span oeno-, oleo-, gastro- and rural-tourism, the various products on offer, all of which are immediately available to reserve or purchase online, as well as details about how to contact or get to any of the group’s various facilities with ease. Matarromera chose to entrust the prestigious marketing agency Tecknosfera with the task of creating this site, in light of their pursuit of professionalism and ample experience in working with companies in the food industry.