Matarromera and Plena Inclusión have signed, this morning at the Emina Ribera Winery, a collaborative partnership in which they have promised to encourage the social inclusion and employability of persons with learning difficulties, as well as improving the accessibility of learning resources in the wine industry and wine tourism. The agreement, signed by Carlos Moro and Juan Pérez, presidents of Matarromera and Plena Inclusión Castile and León, has been backed by Milagros Marcos, the Agriculture Minister of the autonomous government in Castile and León.

The agreement will pursue, on one part, the social inclusion of persons with learning difficulties through the search for and creation of employment, as well as supporting the promotion of this kind of activity in the other companies in Castile and León who too are working towards labour integration. In addition to collaborating with other projects, a pre-formulated work and study scheme will look at the different posts and professional profiles through which those with the learning difficulties can develop, whilst searching for the most suitable persons for these types of roles.

With its signing, Plena Inclusión will become Matarromera´s point of reference as it will advise the wine-making company on everything related to the accessibility of its corporate communications, its products and its facilities. It will advise on the installation of easy-reading panels in the Emina Wine Museum as well as the information materials that will be adapted to this group to facilitate the comprehension of technical themes for those who wish to enjoy the wine industry, but have reading difficulties or who lack reading and writing skills.

This pact falls under the Sabor Social seal which promotes employment for persons with disabilities and that have distinct difficulties in their employability, and is promoted by the Department of Agriculture and Farming of the autonomous government of Castile and León.

Matarromera Social

Supporting the most disadvantaged groups is one of Matarromera Social’s fundamental objectives, encouraging actions and initiatives for a society of excellence based on equality and a commitment to people. With Matarromera Social, the department coordinated by Francisco Sardón, Matarromera intends to create measures to build a better society for everyone, being a benchmark in Corporate Social Responsibility. According to Carlos Moro “Matarromera Social is our model and firm commitment to improving possibilities for people and, thus, improving the quality and wellbeing of our society”.

Matarromera is working on improving its facilities (wineries, rural hotels, restaurants, olive-oil mills, etc.), collaborating in and sponsoring the different sporting and cultural events which promote these values and posting video wine tastings in sign language on its YouTube channel.

Plena Inclusión

Plena Inclusión Castile and León is a federation made up of the relatives of those with a learning difficulty and works towards the social integration and fulfilment of the rights of those with the disability. It is formed of 36 organisations which provide services to 6,000 people via a network of 320 centres across the region.

Access to employment and culture are some of the principle lines of work of the federation to which they dedicate 1,350 workers with learning difficulties in 24 specialised employment centres promoted by the organisations which demonstrate  their professional skills day-to-day. Furthermore, access to culture and information via tools which facilitate understanding (easy reading, pictograms, augmentative and alternative communication, etc.) helps those with learning difficulties to be first-rate citizens by experiencing and enjoying their rights and responsibilities.