WIN.0 and WIN de-alcoholised, the new generation of alcohol-free wines recently released by Matarromera Group, kicked off with a hugely successful start, winning two Gold and three Silver Medals at the 2016 CONVINO Awards.


Win De-Alcoholised Verdejo and Win De-Alcoholised Rosé were awarded Gold Medals, with Win 0.0  White, Win 0.0  Red and Win De-Alcoholised Tempranillo coming close behind with a Silver Medal each.


Earlier this month, Matarromera Group launched these two innovative product lines which are taking the up-and-coming world of alcohol-free wine by storm, creating products that are healthy, low in calories and with a low alcohol content, rendering them suitable for each and every type of consumer.


The 2016 CONVINO contest sets out to promote wine-based beverages that offer innovative new takes on popular products. This inaugural year of the event saw 118 different samples show their colours and boast their bouquets, with a wide range of diverse products taking to the stage, including Liqueur Wines, Vermuts, Vins de liqueur, Sangrias, as well as Sparkling and Low-Alcohol Wines, which are judged by a panel of experts who all in one way or another pertain to the world of wine. These Awards seek to spread the word of and stamp their seal of approval on wine-based products created using distinct production processes, alongside striving to promote wine culture and responsible alcohol consumption.


Win, alcohol-free and dealcoholized wines, owes the indisputable quality of its products to its exclusive use of grapes from Matarromera Group’s finest vineyards, dotted around Spain’s various Denominaciones de Origen. This way, WIN wines all lay claim to the same beneficial health properties of standard wines, bestowed with polyphenols, anthocyanins and antioxidants. The various products offered under WIN are created using a careful and complex production process, carried out at the group’s Molecular Deconstruction Plant in Valbuena de Duero in Valladolid.