In recent weeks, Matarromera Group launched its new range of alcohol-free wines, WIN.0 and WIN de-alcoholised, which are taking this sector of the market by storm, offering products that are healthy, low in calories and fit for each and every type of consumer. The company has further demonstrated its commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle by appointing the Segovian sportsman Javi Guerra as the ambassador for WIN in the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


This will be the athlete’s first time taking part in the world’s most important sporting event and he is set to compete in the marathon race on Sunday 21 August.


Javi Guerra and Roberto Sanz, Head of Communication at Matarromera Group, have joined forces to set up the #SoyWinner (#I’mAWinner) campaign, a daily initiative which will see the athlete invite us to share his experiences at the Olympic Games from the Olympic Village itself, where elite professional athletes from all around the world come together in a unique and extraordinary setting. For Javi, this will be his first experience narrating the highs, lows, latest happenings and tall tales lined up for him, which will all be accompanied by photos taken by the sportsman himself. All this information will be posted on our webpage at


The company chose this particular athlete to be their representative on account of his admirable set of values, with exertion, dedication, sportsmanship and a healthy lifestyle all forming part of the Segovian’s work ethic. “Javi Guerra shares many of the values that our company holds dear, such as perseverance, sacrifice, energy, enthusiasm and commitment”, commented Roberto Sanz. The marathon-runner also expressed his excitement, stating “I’m going to Rio with all the enthusiasm in the world and thanks to this initiative I’ll be able to share my experience with all those who have supported me and cheered me on over these last few years of preparation as my dream has transformed into a reality”.


The athlete’s main objective in Rio is to adopt a tactical running strategy and acclimatize as best as possible to the heat and humidity of the area which make for tricky climate conditions.



Javi Guerra (Segovia, 1983) has an extensive athletic career in long-distance running behind him, racking up a number of impressive achievements in races such as the Spanish Championships, both in the 2013 marathon – notably Guerra’s first time taking part in a long-distance race – and the 10km run in 2009. The sportsman made his debut in the World Marathon Championships in Moscow, attaining a sensational result of 15th place; ranked 4th in the 2014 European Marathon Championships held in Zurich and last but not least, finished 13th in the 2015 World Marathon in Beijing, winning him his golden ticket to the Rio Olympics Games which kick off on the fast-approaching 5th August.


From one champion to another

The recently launched landmark products from WIN.0 and WIN de-alcoholised have recently been singled out for their success at the 2016 CONVINO Awards, winning two Gold and three Silver Medals.


The Win De-Alcoholised Verdejo and Win De-Alcoholised Rosé secured the two Gold Medals, whilst Win 0.0  White, Win 0.0  Red and the Win De-Alcoholised Tempranillo were close behind with Silver Medals. The CONVINO 2016 contest looks to promote wine-based beverages that offer innovative new takes on popular products. This inaugural year of the event saw 118 different samples show their colours and boast their bouquets, with a wide range of diverse products taking to the stage, including Liqueur Wines, Vermuts, Mistelas, Sangrias, as well as Sparkling and Low-Alcohol Wines, which are judged by a panel of experts who all in one way or another pertain to the world of wine.


Win, alcohol-free and dealcoholized wines, owes the indisputable quality of its products to its exclusive use of grapes from Matarromera Group’s finest vineyards, dotted around Spain’s various Denominaciones de Origen. This way, WIN wines all lay claim to the same beneficial health properties of standard wines, bestowed with polyphenols, anthocyanins and antioxidants. The various products offered under WIN are created using a careful and complex production process, carried out at the group’s Molecular Deconstruction Plant in Valbuena de Duero in Valladolid.